The Matlock Bath Pavilion Group

January 2011
Since the group was set up, just over a year ago, to safeguard the future of the Matlock Bath Grand Pavilion for the community of Matlock Bath and surrounding areas, significant progress has been made:
  • The Grand Pavilion Ltd has been created to take control of the building, oversee the renovations and restorations, and then run the building as a Charitable Trust.
  • Derbyshire Dales District Council, who own the building, are on the verge of offering a lease.
  • An application for Charitable Status has been made.
  • A funding application has been made to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
  • An application for Regional Growth Funding has also been made.
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These have all started a process that will take time to work through. During that time we will be busy
with other activities:

  • We will set up a “Friends of the Grand Pavilion” group to tap the significant support that we have both within Matlock Bath but also from the wider public.
  • We will organise fundraising events to raise money towards the “matched funding” we will require.
  • We will organise events to show what the Grand Pavilion can do once it’s open.
We will carry on getting Letters of Support for our proposals.

Our vision is for the main hall of the Pavilion to be used as a multi purpose arts/entertainment/sports facility. This will be available to the local residents and the wider community, i.e. the area of Derbyshire Dales and extending to the East Midlands. This is the only venue of this size in Derbyshire Dales. The spaces available would be utilised by different organisations and groups at different times of the day and will also link into seasonal activities.

These would include:

Theatre, Classical Music, and small shows (e.g. comedy) – we are redesigning the main hall to be returned to its former glory as a theatre space for local and touring theatre productions. The other rooms would be available for this use as needed or offered separately. A Cinema may be possible – we may use the theatre for mainstream film performances. In any case we could host annual film festivals. We can also use one of the other rooms for film showings in a “Film Club” format. A venue for Popular Music – We will use the theatre, with the seating rolled back, to create a great Pop venue. This would offer the whole range of touring music from Pop/Rock to Jazz and Folk. We would also offer some Discotheque evenings, but there will be NO RETURN TO THE PAV.

Exhibitions – the open space will also be available for exhibitions and other weekend long events, requiring the whole of the building. To serve the local community and visitors to Matlock Bath the building would be used for other activities such as: Sports Events and Facilities Local markets Annual events such as Arts and Architecture Trails Tabletop sales of antiques and crafts (during the daytime)

Refectory - food and beverages will be available for those that are using the Grand Pavilion before, during and after performances, exhibitions etc. and we will provide this service as another revenue stream.

Fundamentally, the building needs to be run on a sound commercial basis, which supports other community uses. This would need to be managed and run by an organisation that has the skills, ability and vision to cover the logistics and develop further revenue streams. We will create an organisation that can both tap public support for our proposals and to raise the funding and get the development completed.

What we can offer is to: Create a significant Regional Resource for the arts in Mid Derbyshire. Bring more people to Matlock Bath throughout the year and enhance the businesses in the village. Be available all year round. Create another Tourist attraction. Compliment existing facilities in Buxton, Chesterfield and Derby with a smaller venue. Locally these benefits would include: Producing greater opportunities for employment and the economy; Promotion of Arts, Music and Sports in the area; Providing a venue for home-grown companies such as Matlock Musical Theatre; Helping to promote bus and rail links by providing greater usage.

We have been working with the District Council to, come up with an acceptable agreement for them and a workable agreement for us.

Artist impressions courtesy of local artist Mark Crowfoot of Ideasformation.
See the
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section
for further information on our plans.

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